Checklist For Hiring An Electrician

Hiring an Electrician

Hiring an electrician is an important decision that can affect the value of your home or business and impact production. If you choose poorly, you may run into problems that affect downtime, the longevity of your equipment, and safety. If you choose wisely, you will improve your investment. 

Be aware also, if you don’t hire someone who carries all the necessary qualifications for the job, you may be breaking laws, or at the very least putting yourself at risk for damages and even fires.

8 Tips For Hiring An Electrician

1. Get Recommendations From Family & Friends

how to choose an electrician - get recommendation from friends - Electrical Elite

The first thing you should do when you realize you need an electrical contractor is to ask friends and family for recommendations. You want to choose someone who has done a job similar to yours for someone you know.

2. Check Online Reviews Of The Electrical Contractor

hiring an electrician - check online reviews

Prior to hiring an electrician, it makes sense to see what past customers have experienced. The best sites to check out online reviews are Google, HomeStars, and Facebook.

3. Check That The Electrical Contractor Is Certified

This requirement varies by province and location. You need someone who is a licensed electrical contractor. They have the right education, training and experience to perform the work required to the highest safety standards. 

4. License, Insurance & Registration 

ask for license, insurance and registration when hiring an electrician - Electrical Elite

Before you even bother interviewing someone, check to see if they are licensed, insured, and registered with the local electrical authority. If they’re not insured with enough liability insurance and something goes wrong, you may be left to pick up the tab.

5. Ask For Written Detailed Estimates 

tips for hiring an electrician - ask for detailed written estimates

Always ask the electrical contractor for a detailed estimate in writing. Ensure that they not only put what is covered but also what is not covered in their estimate so there is no confusion about what you are being billed for.

6. Know How Billing Is Done

Is billing done by the hour and if so, how much? Is it done by the job, and if so, how much? How much is charged if surprises come up, and will they warn you of these unexpected expenses? Understand all that you can about how you will be billed.

7. Ask For A Written Contract

Always get a written contract that spells out exactly what the electrical contractor is going to provide, how much it will cost, and all the billing details including methods of payment. If the contract details everything about what will and won’t be done, and what is your responsibility compared to the contractor’s responsibility, there will be less problems and confusion.

8. 24/7 Availability In Case Of Emergencies

hiring an electrician - ensure 24-7 emergency availability - Electrical Elite

Nobody plans to have electrical emergencies or issues that require immediate resolution no matter what time of day or night. An electrician that offers 24/7 emergency service is a great partner for your business.

When you seek to hire an electrical contractor, whether for a small job or a large project, it is important to follow this checklist to avoid problems down the road. You want to keep the highest value of your biggest investment and you can’t do that if you take shortcuts. Trust the team at Electrical Elite to handle your job, big or small. We are professional, courteous, licensed and insured, and we don’t cut corners. Call us any time, any day to speak to a team member at 647-993-5483 or get a quote 24/7 by clicking here.