Electrical Home Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

No matter what type of dwelling you live in, ensuring that all systems are working safely and efficiently is vital. Electrical home inspections help diagnose any electrical issues, identify where improvements can be made, and prevent future failures before they occur.

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Why Electrical Home Inspections Are Important

Electrical systems are extremely dangerous, so keeping them in great condition is important to both the functionality and the safety of your home. Residential electrical inspection professionals use a series of tests and inspections in order to evaluate the condition of your system and rectify any issues.

Older buildings and homes may have out-dated wiring or electrical systems. A residential electrical inspection can also help identify what components can be upgraded in order to keep systems running, improve home value, and ensure that occupants remain safe.

Some examples of what occurs during a typical inspection include:

- Testing if any electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded

- Finding any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards

- Identifying any defective electrical work

- Evaluating the safety of fixed electrical equipment

- Highlighting any lack of grounding or bonding

Preventative Maintenance for Electrical Home Inspection

 Preventive maintenance is a systematic inspection of equipment, in order to detect where potential problems may occur and correct them in order to prevent equipment failure before it happens. Depending on the operation and type of electrical system, the exact preventative maintenance required will vary.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance includes much more than simply performing routine inspections on equipment.

It also involves creating accurate records, following appropriate procedures, and making informed decisions about issues.

Only personnel that are properly trained for the specific equipment can perform appropriate maintenance and testing.

Concise and Complete


A clear record-keeping system will help keep the program on track, and ensure that all the work is being done when it is supposed to be.

Tracking of test results is beneficial to communication and effectiveness between electrical home inspections, and the technicians administering them.


Electrical preventive maintenance is cost-effective in several different ways.

First, it is cheaper to make repairs to equipment before it fails, rather than waiting for breakdowns that can cause damage to other components in the system.

Second, an effective electrical preventative maintenance program will improve equipment efficiency and reduce utility bills. 

Investigating your electrical systems can often uncover aging equipment that is less efficient than newer systems.

Avoid Costly Electrical Problems

Although electricians can’t predict the future, regular electrical home inspections can prevent negative incidents from occurring.

By proactively seeking out system flaws before they develop into major problems, your home, and equipment can avoid any unnecessary downtime associated with a complete failure.

With daily checks to conduct, weekly inspections, monthly tests or yearly examinations, planned electrical maintenance programs reveal defects and track them as they develop.

To avoid future downtime, electrical home inspection plans involve searching for the smallest defect so that it can be addressed then and there, not when the damage has grown and spread.

Some common examples of equipment evaluations include:

  • Identifying neglected or aging electrical devices
  • Avoiding equipment downtime that affects daily family life or people who work from home
  • Fixing equipment breakdowns before significant damage is beyond repair
  • Removing hazards that could cause overheating and the potential for an arc flash explosion
  • Evaluating the effects of weather, corrosion and wear

Don't Let Electrical Issues Affect Your Daily Life?

Downtime is disruptive and can be expensive, with potential lost opportunities in work-from-home jobs. It disrupts by pulling resources to fix a problem that may have been avoided by preventative maintenance schedules.

By contrast, planned proactive work is provisioned, unrushed and executed during normal hours. In order to target the appropriate electrical systems, a number of residential electrical inspections are used.

Maintenance Contracts and Programs

Many property managers and homeowners enter into preventive maintenance and service contracts on equipment and electrical systems so they can have the peace of mind that their electrical systems are optimal. Having a monthly or annual maintenance program in place can help avoid costly repairs, especially in an emergency situation, so preventing large repairs can be highly cost-effective and help you sleep better knowing you're in good hands.

Since electrical problems caused by equipment failure may be expensive, maintenance contracts and programs can help maximize uptime and avoid potential issues. When structured accordingly, residential electrical inspections can help homeowners and property managers keep their electrical systems in optimal working order and avoid potential issues.

Reliable and Professional Electrical Home Inspection Services

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  • From concept to completion, our team offers a full spectrum of solutions. By maintaining excellent customer service, Electrical Elite has solidified its position as the premier full-service electrical home inspection company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need a home inspection?

A: We recommend scheduling an electrical home inspection at least once every three to five years for most homes. However, older homes, properties with frequent electrical issues, or those undergoing renovations might require more frequent inspections.

Q: How long does a home inspection usually take?

A: The duration varies based on the size and complexity of your property. On average, a thorough electrical inspection for a standard-sized home can take between 2 to 4 hours.

Q: What happens if the inspection uncovers issues with my electrical system?

A: If any problems are found during the electrical home inspection, our electrician will provide a detailed report outlining the issues and recommended actions. You can discuss repair or upgrade options with the professional to address the identified issues.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost varies depending on:

  • size and complexity of your electrical system
  • the scope and duration of the service
  • location of your facility.

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