Residential Backup Generators & Backup Power Solutions

Instead of fearing power outages or blackouts, installing backup generators to support your system is a smart way to ensure that your home has power when you need it most. At Electrical Elite, we help homeowners properly install backup generators, test your equipment, and ensure that your systems are in working order before an emergency occurs.

Electrical Elite is proud to be the premier full service residential electrical company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas. Get a quote now!

Generator and Backup Services

Your home requires reliable power to operate all your electrical systems. At Electrical Elite, our team of electricians and trained specialists can provide you with the most cost-effective and energy-efficient power generation systems possible for residential use.

We install complete power generation solutions that help protect your residential electrical system and maintain an uninterruptible supply of power, keeping your essentials up and running through the most adverse scenarios.

Some of our services include:

  • Residential backup generator installation and sales.
  • Mobile backup generator systems.
  • System analysis and optimization.
  • Power monitoring and power management systems.

"We can not only assess your homes backup needs but we can offer you the generators, installation and panel requirements to ensure you're covered to sail through outages."

Backup Power Solutions

 Both residential backup generators and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems are designed as backup systems when original power sources are interrupted, but there is a huge difference between the two. Having the right system in place will help your home transition to emergency power supplies during outages or blackouts.

Standby Power Generators

Residential backup generators are used as a temporary power source that can keep homes operational during a power outage. Since there are many different types of generators on the market, finding the best one depends on the type of home you have, the size of your living space, and the demands of your appliances.

Residential backup generators are connected to the main power supply and are designed to handle your power demands. Fuel supply, ventilation, and area dimensions, and demand factors are all used when properly determining your generator requirements.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Systems

UPS systems provide a backup power supply that keeps equipment running without interruptions during an outage. The main difference between a UPS and a residential backup generator is that the UPS system relies on battery storage and therefore has a limited amount of power.

The purpose of the UPS is to run your system long enough for you to do a proper shut down or switch to the generator. Residential backup generators and UPS systems work together to protect and safeguard your systems and keep homes running smoothly.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Automatic transfer switches are used in conjunction with residential backup generators. These devices automatically switch to allow the generator to provide power to your electrical system to maintain your home's vital equipment.

In most cases, the transfer switch will be connected to more circuits than the generator can accommodate all at once, so proper integration is needed so the system doesn’t get overloaded. Having professionals to install transfer switches, program controllers, and test the system is necessary for smooth operation and safety.

Emergency Power Solutions

In some homes, identifying wiring issues and code violations before the installation of a residential backup generator system is necessary. When faced with such a situation, our licensed electricians will advise customers on any and all options to bring the system back to code.

Complete emergency power solutions involve evaluating current system components, improving internal electrical installations, and testing emergency operation equipment. Our licensed, bonded and insured professionals are able to ensure that complex emergency power solutions are installed correctly, safely and efficiently.

Common power issues can include:

  • Power surges from appliances and external factors.
  • Voltage spikes from an inefficient electrical system.
  • Transient power and voltage can cause frequency variation from unstable power sources.
  • Blackouts caused by tripping circuit breakers or utility failure.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Homes, businesses, and industries account for three-quarters of energy consumption, and two-thirds of carbon emissions. But the electricity used to power systems that contain heavy electrical loads can be done by using power factor correction and surge suppression.

Energy-efficient home building designs can significantly reduce the energy demands, and help you save money from costly utility bills. At Electrical Elite, our trained technicians can help evaluate your system, and identify areas that can contribute to lower energy use and better cost-savings.

24-Hour Repair and Maintenance

It’s easy to ignore your electricity needs until something goes wrong. While a dimming or flickering light may not seem like a big deal, any inconsistency with your electrical system can indicate a serious safety issue.

At Electrical Elite, we understand the inconvenience, danger, and lost productivity that can result from an electrical emergency. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency electrical services performed by our experienced technicians.

We carry the latest, most up-to-date electrical equipment and tools so that our technicians can handle any electrical job. We pride ourselves on being ready and quick to respond to any emergency electrical situation that may arise.


Examples of emergency service situations include:

  • Internal floods and leaks around electrical equipment.
  • Arcing and smoking originating from electrical panel boxes or equipment.
  • Flickering, buzzing or dimmed lights.
  • Odd smells from electrical devices, such as outlets and switches.
  • Tripping breakers or electric shocks.


From concept to completion, our team at Electrical Elite offers a full spectrum of electrical design management, residential backup generator installation, and backup power solutions. By maintaining premium customer service, affordable rates, and dependable scheduling, we’ve developed a reputation as the premier full service electrical company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

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