Industrial Wiring & Electrical Services

The construction and maintenance of industrial buildings rely on competent site investigation, quality data collection and reliable service. Since every facility is different, being able to contract knowledgeable, adaptable and professional technicians is essential. 

At Electrical Elite, we understand the complex needs of machine shops, sawmills, processing plants and other industrial businesses. We’re proud to serve our community as industrial wiring and electrical contractors in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas. Get a Quote Now!

Industrial Wiring and Electrical Services

Some industrial electrical contractors are only capable of basic wiring and lighting for warehouses and industrial buildings. At Electrical Elite, we know that a true industrial electrical service includes much more. 

With our industrial electrical power and lighting maintenance, and industrial background and expertise, our technicians provide power, maintenance, and industrial electrical services for every machine in your facility. We will integrate your machines into your overall electrical system, to keep them working efficiently.

Some of our industrial experience includes:

  • Installing complete electrical systems for new industrial buildings.
  • Providing maintenance, repair and support for machinery and equipment.
  • Installing switchgear, panel-boards and transformers.
  • Configuring motor control centres, drive systems and programmable controllers.
  • Machine relocation and installation.

Lighting Contractors

For industrial lighting installation or upgrades, hiring an electrical contractor that can get the job done right is essential to the bottom line. At Electrical Elite, our technicians have the experience to do the job safely, efficiently and do it right the first time.

Other benefits include:

  • Our technicians are licensed, with extensive knowledge of electrical codes and standards.
  • We service and install complex control, life safety and emergency lighting systems.
  • Our initial inspection involves diagnosing problems and offering advice for improvements.

" In addition to playing an integral role in ensuring the safety of all persons in your buildings, the presence of emergency lighting is essential for hazardous areas. Our technicians are certified to perform electrical installation, repair and maintenance in hazardous areas."

Panels and Distribution Equipment

Industrial control panels are complex assemblies of control circuit components that are customized for industrial equipment or processes. They normally consist of a combination of:

  • Power circuits, transformers, reactors and filters.
  • Circuit breakers and overload devices.
  • Terminal blocks and electro-mechanical components.
  • Communications and smart devices.
  • Relays, contactors and timers.

Due to the complexity of industrial power systems, knowledgeable technicians are needed for safe and functional installation. Our technicians will ensure that your power distribution and control systems are installed, tested and properly maintained.

Industrial Electrical Installations & Repair

Our industrial electrical technicians are accustomed to handling large projects. We’re passionate about providing repair, maintenance and installation services to industrial electrical applications.

Some of our common industrial projects include:

  • High voltage equipment, switchgear, transformers and motor control centres.
  • Industrial wiring, receptacles, lighting, and safety systems.
  • Electrical control systems and related devices.
  • Production assembly line installations and relocations.

"Our expertise allows us to efficiently service and maintain the equipment necessary to keep industrial businesses running. We work with our clients to customize the best solution, completing projects on time and within budget."

Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Investing in preventative maintenance and repairs today means reducing the risk of a very costly purchase tomorrow.

Our team of experienced technicians are standing by, ready to offer expert industrial maintenance programs and preventative measures.

Making sure that your electrical systems are up to code is both practical and prudent. Emergencies generally cost more than preventative maintenance and providing a safe working environment should be the primary concern for every building manager.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Assess electrical repairs needed.
  • Document all processes and procedures.
  • Repair electrical problems and industrial wiring.
  • Maintain systems to prevent future issues and promote day to day efficiency.
  • Ensure preparedness for tests and inspections.

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Service

Examples of emergency service situations include:

  • Internal leaks around electrical equipment.
  • Arcing and smoking originating from electrical panel boxes or equipment.
  • Flickering, buzzing or dimmed lights.
  • Odd smells from electrical devices such as outlets and switches.
  • Tripping breakers or electric shocks.

It’s easy to ignore your industrial wiring and electrical service needs until something goes wrong. While a dimming or flickering light may not seem like a big deal, any inconsistency with your electrical system can indicate a serious safety issue.

At Electrical Elite, we understand the inconvenience, danger, and lost productivity that can result from an electrical emergency. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency electrical services performed by our experienced, licensed technicians.

We carry the latest, most up-to-date electrical equipment and tools so that our technicians can handle any electrical job. We pride ourselves on being ready and quick to respond to any emergency electrical situation that may arise.

Custom & Explosion Proof Wiring - Gas Stations and Hazardous Areas

Hazardous locations are usually found in industrial facilities where explosive liquids, gases or dust are present. Each type of hazardous location requires specific types of cable and installation methods.

In order to ensure that national safety codes and standards are met, qualified and licensed technicians are a necessity. At Electrical Elite, our commercial wiring electricians are trained for electrical installations in hazardous areas.


From concept to completion, our team at Electrical Elite offers premium industrial wiring and electrical services. By maintaining excellent customer service, affordable rates, and dependable scheduling, we’ve developed a reputation as the best full service electrical company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

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