Industrial Machine Electrical Services

If you need to repair, restore or maintain industrial machinery and equipment, you need a certified electrical contractor with knowledge, experience and proper licensing. At Electrical Elite, we have a dedicated team of technicians that are well trained, certified, and reliable for all types of work on industrial machines.

Electrical Elite is the premier full-service industrial machine electrical company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas. Get a quote now!

Industrial Wiring and Electrical Services

Some industrial electrical contractors are only capable of basic wiring and lighting for warehouses and industrial buildings. At Electrical Elite, we know that a true industrial electrical service includes much more.

Some of our industrial experience includes:

  • Installing complete electrical systems for new industrial buildings
  • Machine relocation and installation.
  • Installing switchgear, panel-boards and transformers.
  • Configuring motor control centres, drive systems and programmable controllers.
  • Providing maintenance, repair and support for machinery and equipment.

"With our industrial electrical contractor background and expertise, our technicians provide power, maintenance, and industrial electrical services for every machine in your facility. We will integrate your machines into your overall electrical system to keep them working efficiently."

Troubleshoot and Repair Electrical

When it comes to electrical equipment installation and maintenance, you won’t find a more experienced team than Electrical Elite. 

We install, repair, maintain, modify, and interface machines from any manufacturer in the world.

We can perform electrical equipment installation, relocation, troubleshooting, and maintenance on a wide variety of machines and process equipment. With a diverse background in serving a number of industries, our technicians at Electrical Elite have the experience and resources to keep your facility up and running at its best.

We supplement our own expertise, knowledge, and experience by consulting directly with the manufacturer for electrical equipment maintenance, installation, restoration, and repair. It helps us provide services such as:

  • Electrical equipment installation.
  • Backup power systems.
  • Cycle rate, flow rate, and speed adjustment.
  • Adding and modifying drives and motors.
  • Program modification.
  • Component replacements and upgrades.

Machine Safety Upgrades

Machinery safety is an integral part of upgrading any type of equipment. With the increasing use of programmable and configurable safety systems in industry, it is more important than ever that safety upgrades are installed, implemented and thoroughly tested.

When deployed properly, a proactive approach to machinery safety allows for a safer environment for employees, better processes, and optimized productivity. The result of effective behaviour changes, appropriate safeguarding, and upgrades have been proven to reduce incident rates and associated cost impacts.

Increasingly, industrial machine electrical companies are realizing that safety upgrades deliver positive, business-enhancing benefits, including:

  • Mitigating operators risk exposure by reducing unnecessary processes.
  • Avoiding physical barriers, and protecting operators from hazards.
  • Monitoring access to prevent unsafe conditions from occurring.
  • Increasing training and administrative procedures for complex systems.

New Machine Installs and Certifications

While it’s difficult to cover every kind of electromechanical installation, our technicians are licensed and certified to work on a variety of new machinery. We can even offer technical advice and assessments to support industrial machine installations, disassembly works, transportation, refurbishment and updating, assembly and start-ups.

We know how important it is for our customers to have the right information before proceeding with an industrial machine installation. Before proceeding with an installation, we carry out an analysis of its technical condition, provide a list of possible improvements, and even improve the production objectives.

We’re also able to provide a preventative maintenance program for industrial machines and equipment. By providing a systematic inspection of equipment, electrical systems, and operational processes, we can help maintain equipment on a proactive schedule in order to help eliminate downtime, keep workers safe, and protect expensive assets.

electrician testing industrial machine

Machinery Moving

Removing old equipment or installing a new machine requires services from a trusted company.  Electrical Elite will do the job efficiently without slowing down operations.

Whether you need to move a single machine or relocate an entire plant, we have the power and ability to handle the job. We can provide customized scopes of work for any schedule, and any budget 

At Electrical Elite, we provide a full range of machinery moving services including:

  • Planning, rigging and transportation.
  • Safe and secure storage.
  • Relocation and installation of equipment and systems.
  • Turnkey plant moves, logistics and inventory.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Rising electricity prices and more stringent environmental laws are motivating companies to look for ways to save on the operation of electrically driven systems and optimize their various production components.

Using electrical energy solutions helps to identify potential savings. By maximizing useful energy output, electrical efficiency solutions help to:

  • Evaluate current machine status and remaining lifetime.
  • Identify the efficient point of operation.
  • Monitor equipment to avoid damages.
  • Determine if additional electrical components could be installed.

"Efficient energy designs can significantly reduce the energy demands, and help your facility save money from costly utility bills. At Electrical Elite, our trained technicians can help evaluate your system, and identify areas that can contribute to lower energy use and better cost-savings."

Reliable and Professional Electrical Services

  • At Electrical Elite, we understand the inconvenience, danger, and lost productivity that can result from an electrical emergency. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency electrical services performed by our experienced, licensed electricians.
  • We carry the latest, most up-to-date electrical equipment and tools so that our electricians can handle any job. We pride ourselves on being ready and quick to respond to any emergency electrical situations that may arise.
  • From concept to completion, our team offers a full spectrum of solutions. By maintaining excellent customer service, Electrical Elite has solidified its position as the premier full-service electrical company in Barrie, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

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