13 Questions To Ask An Electrician Before Hiring Them

Hiring an Electrician

If you are interviewing electricians to do a job for you it’s important to know what to ask in advance. It’s recommended to write down your questions, as well as note what the electrician says, so that you can compare their answers with those of the others that you interview. If you ask everyone the same questions, then you’ll be able to better evaluate who is best qualified to complete your project. Here are the most important questions to ask an electrician before hiring them.

Questions To Ask An Electrician Before Hiring Them

13 questions to ask an electrician before hiring them - Electrical Elite

1. How Long Have You Been An Electrician?

You want them to have enough experience — usually an electrician apprentices at least five years, so anything less than five years may not be enough experience for your job or comfort level.

how long have you been an electrician

2. Are You Certified And Licensed?

You should collect their contracting license number and see their certification. If they are honest and professional, they should happily give you that information.

are you certified and licensed - questions to ask an electrician before hiring them

3. What Type Of Electrical Systems Are You Familiar With?

This will let you know whether they can tell you something about your own job. They already know what you need since you’ve explained your project, so they should then tell you how familiar they are with the electrical systems required for your job.

what type of electrical systems are you familiar with

4. Do You Specialize In A Specific Type Of Work?


Again, you really want someone who specializes in your type of project. You don’t want to hire someone to do your small job and then another more lucrative project comes along for them and they put you on the back burner.

do you specialize in a specific type of work - questions to ask an electrician

5. Do You Carry Liability Insurance?

Of course, the answer to this question should be yes. They should describe to you the limits of their policy and what it covers in as much detail as possible, so you can be reassured that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

do you carry liability insurance - questions to ask an electrician before hiring them

6. Do You Insure Your Contractors Or Employees?

You ideally want to hire someone who can present that they are in good standing with WSIB or your local health and safety board. This insures their contractors and employees are covered for liability and workmans compensation.

do you insure your contractors or employees - questions to ask an electrician

7. Are You Bonded? *****RESEARCH MORE****

Bonding provides monetary support to protect you (the client) from losses if something were to go wrong during a job and is stored in a seperate account.

questions to ask an electrician before hiring them - are you bonded

8. Do You Charge Hourly Or By Project? How Much?

Understanding how you will be charged is an important aspect in preventing invoice shock. Invoice shock happens when you get a bill much higher than what you were expecting and need to pay it immediately. You can avoid this by thoroughly discussing how billing will occur prior to your electrician starting your job.

do you charge hourly or by project

9. Can You Provide 3 References With Whom I Can Talk To About Your Work and Their Experience?

Even if the electrician was recommended by a family member or friend, it’s important to get a couple more references who can vouch for the electrician. Talking with people who had a job completed similar to yours is best. Do call them.

can you provide 3 references with whom I can talk about your work

10. Do You Usually Perform Your Work In The Time Frame You Quoted?

By asking this question you have a double guarantee that they will perform their duties in the time frame discussed. You can follow this up by asking the references provided if their project was finished on time.

do you perform your work in time frame quoted - questions to ask an electrician

11. Do You Clean Up After Yourself?

This is important because some contractors are downright dirty. They will throw their cigarettes and lunch garbage right in your yard. Dust and debris are often a part of the job, you want a contractor that cleans up the mess. By asking this question up front, you’ll be confident that your space will be left as clean or cleaner than they found it.

questions to ask an electrician before hiring them - do you clean up after yourself

12. How Do You Take Payment?

Some electricians will take credit cards and bank transfers, while others only deal with cheques. It’s important to ask this question so that their payment options fit your preference.

how do you take payment

13. What Is Your Schedule Like? When Can You Start?

Asking this question can determine if you are going to hire them now. Perhaps they can’t get started for a month, but you need your job done now. Maybe their schedule dictates that they must start now but you aren’t quite ready yet. It’s important for both parties to be on the same page with timelines.

what is your schedule like and when can you start

By asking the right questions up front you’ll be confident in hiring the right electrician for the job. Be sure to interview at least two or three candidates and get a detailed estimate in writing before you finish with the interview. No point in wasting time if the estimates are too high or out of line for the job you want completed.

At Electrical Elite, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel confident and secure that you have hired the right electrical team for your project. Contact us at 647-993-5483 or get a quote as soon as possible by clicking here. We look forward to working with you!